Accelerated Reader Program




Accelerated Reader Prizes



10 points- Sonic Certificate

25 points- Candy Bar

50 points- Movie Party (Points due Friday, Dec. 16th)

75 points- Elementary Volunteer Day

85 points- Snack Party (Points due Thursday, March 2nd)

100 points- Tom’s Day (Walk to Tom’s during class)

125 points- 2nd Elementary Volunteer Day or Free Book from Scholastic

150 points- Elevations/Sky Zone (Points due Tuesday, May 2nd by 3:20 P.M.)

175 points- Gusto’s Gift Card

200 points- Coin from the bank

250 points- I-Tunes/Amazon Card

300 points- Thunder/OSU/OU/ Shattuck T-shirt

500 points- Kindle Fire (Points due Tuesday, May 2nd by 3:20 P.M.)



All points must be in by Tuesday, May 2nd at 3:20 P.M. to get prizes unless otherwise stated.