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High School Fall Semester Test Schedule

Posted Date: 12/02/2021

High School Fall Semester Test Schedule

Semester Test Schedule
December 2021

Thursday, December 16th
8:10 - 9:20 1st Hour
9:23 - 10:33 3rd Hour
10:36 - 11:46 4th hour
11:46 - 12:15 Lunch
12:15 - 1:25 5th Hour
1:28 - 2:38 7th Hour
2:41 - 3:20 Study Hall

Friday, December 17th
8:10 - 9:20 2nd Hour
9:23 - 10:33 6th Hour
10:36 - 11:33 8th Hour

(5th and 6th grade students and teachers will follow this same hourly schedule.)

Semester Test - Attendance Guidelines
Test Exemptions
A –  4 excused absences
B – 3 excused absences
C – 2 excused absences
D or F Not exempt

Students who are taking a teacher’s semester test shall remain in the testing room for the entirety of the 70 minute period.

Students do not have to be here during a period in which they are not required to test. For
example, a student is taking a 1st and 4th period test but is not required to take a 3rd period
test: the student shall be in the classroom from 8:10 - 9:20 for the 1st period test, may leave
during the 3rd period test then return for the 4th period test. Students who stay can go to the Library.

The study hall time on Thursday is a designated time that teachers will be in their classrooms and available for students who
seek help. Students who are not testing or who do not seek additional help will not be required to attend.