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Melissa Fleming

Tyrel and I

I live with my husband, Tyrel, in a home we built on the ranch I grew up on, near Slapout, Ok.  We ranch and raise both registered Herefords, and show cattle.  Tyrel runs the ranch and owns a livestock clipping business, and spends his free time helping kids learn how to stockshow- I spend my free time following him.  Tyrel and I are parents to Connor Murphy, born in 2020.

I have been teaching since 2012, after graduating from OPSU and working for a period as a food scientist.  I have a Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Science, with a Minor in Natural Resources from OPSU.  I also have a Master’s of Science Education from NSU at Tahlequah.  My first teaching job was as an emergency science teacher at Keyes, Ok.  Since then I have taught at Fargo, and finally at Shattuck.  I am also a certified Ag Instructor, having taught Ag at Keyes.  

I teach a revolving door of science subjects, including 8th Grade Science, Physical Science, Biology I & II, Chemistry, and Robotics!  I am always eager to help students and talk to parents!  I am passionate about teaching students how science interacts with the real world!



1st Hour: (8:10-8:55) Physical Science, Block 1

2nd Hour: (8:58-9:43) Biology I

3rd Hour: (9:46-10:29) Biology II, Block 1

4th Hour: (10:32-11:21) 8th Science

11:21-11:51- Lunch

5th Hour: (11:51-12:39) Chemistry

(12:42-1:02) Homeroom

6th Hour: (1:05-1:48) Biology II, Block 2

7th Hour: (1:51-2:34) Physical Science, Block 2

8th Hour: (2:37-3:20) Plan Period (Open for Tutoring and Makeup Work)


Students are ENCOURAGED to come talk to Mrs. Fleming for help at any time that does not interrupt classwork- before or after school, during 8th hour plan period, during lunch, or by appointment.

If you don’t ask, I can’t help you!!!


Melissa Fleming

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8th hour